Course Outline


Semester 1

Course Title: Programming Fundamental
Course Code:  ITEC-312
Degree Program: BS(Information Technology) P-I (1st semester)
Course rating: 3 credit hours (Theory)
Pre-requisites: None

Course Objectives:
This course presents basic programming concepts using the C++ programming language. The organization of standard I/O classes is emphasized. Structured and Object oriented programming techniques are presented and used to design and implement a variety of programming problems.

Syllabus Outline:
Introduction: Object-Oriented Programming, Characteristics of OO Languages, C++ and C.

C++ Programming Basics: Basic Program Construction, Output Using cout, Directives, Comments, Integer Variables, Character Variables, Input with cin, Floating Point Types, Type bool, The setw Manipulator, Variable Type Conversion, Arithmetic Operators, Library Functions.